Monday, March 9, 2009


I am currently in Seattle having a great time doing non-work-related things, but still anxiously looking forward to ACRL. I guess that proves I'm in the right profession when I can look forward to work-related activities!

This is going to be a really quick post because I'm on an unfamiliar laptop with no mouse and I have other things I want to be spending my time doing, but I wanted to share two pieces of news.

The first is that I submitted a proposal to a regional information literacy conference that will take place in Harrisburg, PA in May. The proposal is on the same game that I am presenting at ACRL, but I will be talking more about digital game-based learning in general and the "hows" of starting these games locally without large budgets and fancy programming. It got accepted as an hour-long presentation! I feel this is quite an honor and I'm really looking forward to this.

Secondly, I have recently been in contact with Paul Waelchli (sorry Paul, I will link to your info when I get back to my home computer!) who is trying to get a group together of academic librarians who are working with instructional games. This would be some time of virtual discussion group. This is another thing I am really looking forward to. I really want more people to be working on these games so I have more ideas to work with. If this ever takes off, I will quickly be left in the dust as far as programming goes, but I think the best games will always be locally-made.

So I am off to try and figure out what bus to take to meet a friend and hopefully I will have some notes on games from ACRL presentations (there are two on Friday morning!).

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  1. Good luck with the poster presentation Mary! And I look forward to the conversation about our research field.