Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dream Chronicles

Despite having been playing with games for a number of months now, the only game I have completed is Dream Chronicles. I have dabbled in the "casual games" online, but this one held my attention better. You can play it for free for 30 minutes in the link I provided above, or buy it through that site for $20. I bought it at Target for $10 and felt it was worth every penny.

The best part about this game that I discovered was how simple the programming is. I can't re-create the beautiful graphics of the game, but there is little that I couldn't program to some degree of similarity. Each screen view is stable, so you can't move around within the world, and you don't have to program any characters that move other than very simple animations.

There is also an example of a dialog that determines the outcome of the game when you are in the greenhouse. I have been reading about dialog in games, but couldn't figure out how that could work. In this case, the plant talks and you have four choices of responses. That is as simple as programming a multiple choice question.
This is the style of game I based my plagiarism game on, which I'm still working on. I highly recommend it as a place for non-gamers to start. It's an inspiring game!

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