Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Proposal Accepted

I was notified yesterday that my proposal to present at the Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) in October got accepted. I wasn't expecting notification until next month, and I knew the competition was tight. I'm really looking forward to using this as an opportunity to spread the word about gaming and instruction.

I have found a professor who is becoming more and more interested in games as a way to engage student learning. She's interested in developing a game for library instruction to get them finding historical materials in the library in different formats. Perhaps we can do this as a themed treasure hunt, where we break them up into four groups, have each group hunt down a document in various formats and direct them to a specific word or phrase in that document. Those words will be put together in a phrase. We can then have the four groups put their messages together to lead to some small prize like lollipops or popsicles.

The more I think about this game and its development, the more excited I am to collaborate with other people. I think the ideal situation would be to work with the professor closely in the game development, and in this case I would also want to collaborate with the librarian who usually works with this professor. Really getting the professor to buy into this model of instruction and offering their subject expertise is probably going to lead to the best game. I also always work best with other people to bounce ideas off of... I'm looking forward to the work cut out for me this summer.

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