Friday, May 15, 2009

Presentation a Success

My presentation yesterday at HACC Harrisburg went very well. I was most worried about timing, and I did go about 5 minutes longer than I wanted to, only leaving 5 minutes for questions, but otherwise I think I performed at my best. I got a lot of positive feedback, including one school librarian who said "you inspired me!" I hope people will feel free to e-mail or call me. The local high school librarian approached me about some type of collaboration, and I'm looking forward to that. Overall, I had some great conversations with various librarians throughout the day (not just about games), loved the food, and was very impressed by the quality of the other presentations.

I learned two days ago that a high school English teacher who is a Lyco alum and currently working on her MLS wants to do a summer internship at our library. My director asked if she could get involved with any of my summer projects, and I'm quite excited to have a collaborator for my games, especially one with a few years of teaching experience. I plan to have her help me complete the plagiarism tutorial, with her focusing on the pedagogical aspects of the game. And perhaps we can also start the Raiders of the Lost Journal game.

Finally, I just came across a call for participation at the Play with a Purpose 2009: Games and Simulations in Libraries in Rochester, NY. I just requested further information from Scott Nicholson, who promptly responded that there had been so little interest and such budgetary constraints that the event has been cancelled. Oh well, it would have been difficult for me to go anyway.

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  1. Your presentation was wonderful!! I came back to school today and started talking with the middle school team leader about possible games we could create next year. And I have my tech-geeky husband looking for animation software for me (since my school does not have Flash and I don't know that they would shell out the $700 for it).