Friday, June 4, 2010

Come Out and Play Festival

The Come Out & Play Festival is in NYC this weekend. One day I will make it, though I'm feeling like I might have to get a smart phone before that happens. Last year, I just didn't have the money for a weekend in NYC, nor could I find anyone who wanted to go with me. This year I am 35 weeks pregnant, so traveling and running around hot city streets is out of the question. But I'm really happy they post brief descriptions on their Web site. It helped with designing the orientation game (which we submitted to ACRL as a presentation proposal for the annual conference), and I hope it will help design a pirate game I've been asked to consider for our college's scholars program. I was busy reading the book, but now need to start thinking about the game!


  1. Hi Mary~
    I saw your "Unravelling the Mystery" documents on the ACRL site. Erik and I are pretty excited that our game inspired you to make one for your library! Congrats on your speaking engagement and keep up all the great gaming! If you are interested in games and education you should be in touch with PETLab at Parsons in NYC. Erik and I both went to Parsons and they do a lot of gaming work with education there. Katie Salen (prof at Parsons) even started a gaming school (k-6)...where everything revolves around games!


  2. Hello Lynn, you have just made my day. At the presentation at ACRL, the audience had this amazing reaction when they understood the transparencies. It's such an amazing way to augment reality without technology! Thank you so much, and thank you for the PETLab recommendation- the Web site looks amazing!