Monday, June 28, 2010

New Game

I've started a new game to educate students on the differences between doing research with library materials vs. the Internet. For now, it's just called Library vs. Internet, though I need to come up with a better name. It's based on a western theme, with the Internet being represented as a buxom cowgirl. It's not much yet, but I hope it will be impressive when it's done... whenever that happens. As I am about to go on maternity leave any day now, this won't be done any time soon.

The content will be based on a handout I created a few years ago using the same characters.

The General Store currently contains the beginnings of an activity to review what the Internet is particularly good for. On Friday, I just completed the background for the Saloon, where I plan to create a simple shooter game to represent the consistency and dependability of sites found on the Internet.

So this will be more than just multiple choice stuff, and some of the demonstrations will be representations rather than 100% educational, but I think that's okay as long as my instructions are clear. Any feedback and ideas on where to go next are extremely welcome.

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