Friday, July 17, 2009

Deep in Development

I am soo excited to be planning a Big Game!!! Things are beginning to click, and we've started mapping out the first track. Here is a picture of some of my notes and scribbles.

We have settled on holding the Lyco Dog hostage. This is a trained Australian Shepard who wears a blue & gold bandanna and fetches the tee at football games. This way, the library mascot can still be dancing at the front door. The students will be given vague instructions and a ransom note with numbered blanks. Throughout the activities, they will get letters that will help them fill in those blanks. They will have to find out the names of the three public services librarians (each of our names includes one of the needed letters), retrieve a book, a print journal, arrange themselves in correct LC call number order, get a video clue in one of our screening rooms, and find several key items in the library to fill in the ransom note, find the picture of the hostage, and get their reward at the circ desk (a cool-pop).

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