Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gaming at Freshman Orientation

We're doing a big game for freshman orientation! We're going to hold something hostage, hopefully the library mascot, which is a stuffed snowman, but waiting for our director's approval on that.

I found a lot of inspiration from Ran Some Ransom by Erik Burke and Lynn Maharas, which was played in NYC at the Come Out & Play festival last month. We'll have a few places that use the transparencies, but other clues as well for getting the letters to spell out where the "hostage" is hidden. We're going to add more physical activities and teamwork into some already existing activities, like putting the books in the right order by call number.

We're applying a spy theme to the event, though not sure what that means as far as how we'll be dressing up. My co-worker is suggesting we dress up as Bond girls. I do have one dress that would work, but I'd have to think of something to wear over it so I don't freeze to death in our over-air-conditioned building.

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