Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Resources

Scott Nicholson's Gaming in Libraries class is now over. I gave a very positive review in the hopes that this will be continued in the future.

My article got pre-accepted in College & Undergraduate Libraries last week with some fairly minor revisions. I'm just having difficulty getting in touch with the professors involved for quotations to add.

I've stumbled on a few more articles and short bibliographies on instructional games in libraries. One is from the ACRL Instruction Section, called "5 Things You Should Read about Gaming and Learning," and the other is Lynn VanLeer's "Interactive Gaming vs. Library Tutorials for Information Literacy: A Resource Guide." These definitely contain information and sources that are new to me (though also some familiar ones), and I'm ready to start diving back into the gaming literature a little after taking a break to work on a literature review on plagiarism.

The plagiarism game is coming along. I've been working with an intern for two hours a week and we are happy with 17 of the 19 questions needed for the first six rooms of the game, so I plan to start adding those questions to the tutorial today.

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